Monday, January 7, 2013

Therapy Fish??

I'm always looking for ways to re-invent my office or have new and exciting things for my students to see when they come visit me. I have always wanted a therapy dog. I have a Great Dane but I'm thinking she isn't really cut out to be a therapy dog. She does not like people, she barks at anything that moves, and she probably weighs more than most students in my building. Plus, my administrator is not a pet lover. So, after giving up on the dream, I decided to get a couple of "therapy fish!" I know their benefits won't even come close to what a therapy dog could do for my students, but, they'll have to do.

There is research that states that watching fish can have a calming effect on children with ADHD. Other research indicates that people that watch aquariums and fish show a reduction in blood pressure. People are hypnotized by the peace and serenity of fish. It can create a calming moment in a hectic day. Based on this information, my new found "finned" friends will not only help my students, but, they may provide me with some solace on some of my more stressful days!

So, I'm excited to embark on my new "therapy fish" journey. I can't wait to see what my students have to say and if I can notice any therapeutic effects when they spend time with my new pets.

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